Sonatina Three moments op. 30 (2022)

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From the author

I was asked: “What is Sonatina “Three Moments” about? About what…? Of course, sounds have such power that they can tell any story, but do you always have to hide behind the program? After all, music has its own “program”, which includes, among others: formal structure, melody, harmony, texture, style and many other elements in which the essence of music is contained. So?

In terms of the “program” understood in this way, the Sonatina “Three Moments” op. 30 consists of three parts: “Morning”, which has the structure of a sonata allegro showing the “rivalry” of two contrasting themes, “Afternoon” – a lyrical story with syncopated rhythms, and “Evening”, in which nocturnal arpeggios exchange with chord groups of a dance character . The individual parts of the work have a varied texture and different keys, but the melody comes to the fore and leads the main musical action. There are various types of articulation and guitar technique used in the piece to emphasize the musical expression.

Sonatina is accessible in terms of technical level, and with such a varied “program”, it can be attractive to guitarists looking for a new repertoire.

However, if someone really wanted to get to know Sonatina’s non-musical program, he should imagine someone who is in his teens and falls in love for the first time! “Three Moments” show a comparable emotional and energetic charge that accompanies a young man in his first, great feeling … That’s what Sonatina is about.