Country Landscapes Folk Suite Op. 27 (2022)

Publishing House Merakel (ordere ascore)

In the collection “Country Landscapes” you will find my compositions referring to the Polish musical tradition. Why am I turning to folk this time? It’s easy. The beauty of our folk melodies has always impressed me and attracted my attention. I was eager to get to know the forms of Polish dances, as well as the folklore of our regions. I also really enjoyed going to the countryside. I enjoyed observing the nature and habits of the village inhabitants. And now in “Rural Landscapes” I present the Polish countryside as I remember it. Did I succeed? You will judge it best yourself…
The songs in this collection are written in a classical-romantic style, but there are also more contemporary sound elements in these miniatures. The compositions are not too technically difficult and you will be able to perform this music in the older grades of the first-level school.
So I invite you to travel to the countryside: here on the road an obereczek will spin, there, a girl with wildflowers will hum a song, and we will listen to the walking in a painted manor. Our country has a really interesting tradition!