Serenade for flute/violin and guitar op. 31 (2023)

Publising House Cicadis (ordere ascore)

Publising House Cicadis (Ebook)

From the author

Instead of an introduction, I will tell a story. A young man brought mariachi musicians to the windows of his beloved girl in the evenings to play a serenade for her. He waited for her to come out onto the balcony, he wanted to confess his feelings to her. The girl, however, only watched everything from hiding. Concerts for her sounded for several evenings, but the girl did not appear on the balcony. She noticed that during subsequent performances, the group of musicians playing under her windows was getting smaller and smaller.

“Didn’t that boy have any more money to pay the musicians?” – she asked. – And what now? Will he stop coming? give up?

Last evening, the girl heard a different kind of sound under the balcony than usual, which intrigued her very much.

– What is this? she asked. “Was that…?”

Yes. She saw that the boy had brought… an organ grinder this time. She laughed sincerely and finally went out onto the balcony!

Are the chamber works from the Serenade op. 31 would it be possible to play under the girl’s windows? I think so. The compositions are simple, melodic, varied in terms of mood and rhythm. They refer to various dance forms, such as: polka, mazurka, waltz. And the guitar can accompany the violin or play its part with the flute. Perfect for a serenade under the balcony.

But will the girl go out laughing on the balcony after hearing the songs from this Serenade? I can’t answer, you have to check it yourself.

Oh, let me know how your story went on?